TESDA online courses

A rising need for education to reach and burgeon within communities has been helped with the introduction of online education platforms. Taking a forefront run in making education accessible, TESDA has implemented tesda online courses for high school graduates, college undergraduates and ofws (overseas Filipino workers).


The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is a certified government agency ofthlskb'k the Filipino that aims at empowering manpower in various sectors, industries, and institutions. TESDA sets and strives for high-quality skill development for its citizens, by reevaluating the working skill set and developing middle-level manpower.

The free e program implemented by TESDA provides a platform for ofw and aspiring ofw’s to gain new skills or improve on their current skill set and offers an eclectic collection of courses.

The online course is especially essential for the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), where opportunities are often accompanied by a need for different and outstanding skill sets.

Courses offered

Courses range from information technology, automotive, electronics and game development, fields with rising demand for outstanding and credible applicants, to venturing fields such as agriculture, tourism, health and beauty care. Courses dwell in depth on particular aspects that one might find suitable and necessary for their pursuit, helping learners to enhance or acquire desired knowledge and skill.

Eligibility and registration

High school graduates of eighteen years of age are eligible to take the tesda online course, Registering for the online course is effortless and uncomplicated, creating an account by filling in the required credentials allows users to enroll in their desired course. The courses are segregated to modules and selecting one of the user’s choice ratify’s his registration.

Duration and certificate

The Completion time differs based on the course a user selects. Some courses tend to get completed within days while others extend for months. It mainly depends on the user’s tempo. Even though receiving a training certificate is not possible, a national certificate is attainable, provided users pass the face to face assessment conducted in the respective tesda center.


tglsekhThe tesda online courses for ofw aides in structuring a compelling resume that gives an added edge to ofw’s applying for the concerned job, every little knowledge and skill gain provides for an enduring advantage in job selections. The certificate gives an added credential on one’s resume and applying for courses in the e program for the concerned line of work elevates an individual’s chance.