Things to Know about Posting Bails

When you have been arrested and want your freedom, you can post a bail for your release. In most cases, the posting of the bond is usually done by the lawyers, families, or friends. However, it is usually tricky when an individual is arrested during a public holiday or a weekend. It is critical to note that a judge is required to sit to issue you with a bond. Afford-A-Bail Bail Bonds will help you with all matter that relate with bonds. However, there are certain scenarios that you may be denied bond if the authorities think that you will interfere with the ongoing probe or make more trouble. This blog talks about some of the things to know when posting bails.

Types of bonds

Release on cognizance

The release on cognizance is usually referred to as ROR. This type of bond is used on individuals with no past fgbmpkljmbcriminal offense or those that are accused of petty crimes. Usually, the court does an order for a Release on cognizance if there is a concern that accused will harm the victims or not shows up to the authorities when required. Before being released, the defendant is usually needed to sign an agreement. No bail is usually set in this scenario.

Cash bond

It is critical to note that before an individual is released the whole amount of the bond must be settled. In the state of Florida for instance, most courts do not accept cash bonds. They prefer credit card, money orders, and the cashier checks to the cash bond. One advantage of the cash bond is that there is no third party.

Secured bond

The secured bond comes in effect when the arrested individual is unable to pay the required bail in cash. The surety bond is usually the automatic choice in such a scenario. Rather than paying the whole bail amount the accused may only pay 10 percent of the required bail amount. The remaining amount which is 90 percent is usually guaranteed by the bail bond company.

If the accused fails to honor the court summons, then they will be required to pay the remaining amount. The bail bond companies may, therefore, ask the accused to provide collateral that will cover then if they have an obligation to pay the remaining amount.

Unsecured bond

zxkplmbvcxxThe unsecured bond is similar to the release on cognizance. The accused person is released from jail without settling the required bond. However, the defendant signs an agreement that stipulates that he will return to the court or honor all the summons whenever he is called upon by the courts.