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Studying Natural Law


Natural law also known as spiritual law is the most crucial knowledge as far as spiritual freedom is concerned.

This is because it enables you to acquire spiritual freedom.

Failure to study natural law will cause you not to understand your natural rights as well as how the world functions.

The endeavor to study natural law is extremely empowering since it helps you to defend yourself from the forces of the dark. It also enables you to understand your sovereignty as a real spiritual being.


So, what is the meaning of natural law?

Natural law refers to organized principles viewed to be natural in nature and possess common application in knowing if human conduct is wrong or right, and is different from positive law.

Below are reasons for studying natural law.

It enables you to acquire spiritual freedom.

The above mentioned law is among the most fundamental foundations of the world.

With no natural law, the world cannot exist hence making it impossible for life to thrive.

Scientists are also aware of natural laws found in the universe, like the Law of Gravity.

But, they frequently call these laws scientific laws.

This is because they do not want to own up that it is the Creator who came up with these laws.

God created natural laws to control the world’s dynamics and to ensure everything is balanced.

Due to this, if you do not exist in agreement with natural laws of the world, it will result to distortions of your bodily energy systems and result to health complications and karma.

horizontal-1010894_640Natural laws enable you to become a responsible and sovereign spiritual being.

The procedure of studying natural law trains you to become more responsible which is among the requirements for reaching higher standards of consciousness.

Since natural law plays a vital role in the world’s evolution, understanding and learning natural law is something that is not taught by our religious and education systems.

Even the majority of modern age supporters do not recognize the importance of understanding natural law for spiritual freedom.

This is the reason why modern educators do not educate people about natural law.

The forces of the dark recognize the power of natural law.

This is the reason why they strive very hard to deceive us into obeying and accepting their own laws.

Such laws are contract law, trust law, admiralty law, and canon law. Such unnatural laws are made to wipe out our free will, freedom, and sovereignty.

However, such laws cannot overpower us when we recognize that we possess natural rights and understand ways of defending them.